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Michael Curran (Tangerine Press) |
At last. After Jeff Weddle's masterful account of the Loujon Press, comes this interesting, informative, thorough, wonderfully presented site, dedicated to an inspirational magazine. Thank you for doing this. Fight the good fight!
January 15 2010,02:57 PST - England

Monsieur K. |
Welcome Back!
January 14 2010,23:46 PST - France

Henry Denander |
Congratulations, a great looking and interesting site. I love this magazine and I am a proud owner of every single issue. I will spread the news about this site up here in the north.
January 11 2010,15:23 PST - Sweden

Natalie Fiocre |
The web site is very well designed, keeping the style of the review. Marvin would have been proud of it.

Congratulations in getting the review alive.
January 11 2010,08:16 PST - San Diego, CA

Hans Christensen (Bukfan)
What a great looking website! The Wormwood Review was one of the best poetry mags out there, and now itīs finally got the website it deserves.
January 9 2010,17:24 PST - Denmark

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