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Mark Berman |
I just found several WR's I had stashed about 15 years ago which led me to stumbling upon this web site. Excellent surprise! Marvin Malone was one of my mentors in Grad School at UOP and this site is the best homage to his memory possible. I never met you, Christa, but thank you.
June 22 2010,17:37 PST - Palos Verdes, California

Mark Begley |
Wormwood is, was, and will always be the King of the Littles. I am honored to have been in its pages amongst the Giants of the Littles.
February 19 2010,16:41 PST - Fresno, CA

Anne |
My late husband, Peter Morris, was a regular contributor in the 1980's. He loved being part of this little mag.
February 17 2010,06:37 PST

Wormwood was one of the best little mags ever. It has been missed since Marvin's passing. Thanks for the website.
February 13 2010,17:22 PST - Colorado Springs

Denis Joe |
I am sorry I missed you first time around. The site looks great and has that 'alternative' culture feel that isn't clichéd or ironic.

All the best to you in expanding the site.
January 16 2010,11:38 PST - UK

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